Education & Workspace Design in User-centered Environments

Learning environments - Corporate Spaces, personal desk, work, learn, study, teach

The best learning often occurs during unplanned classes at home or outdoors, experimenting, exploring or playing.

Regardless of age.  

Learning environments - Corporate Spaces, personal desk, work, learn, study, teach
Academic Institutions

The learning performance and the results achieved are directly proportional to the flexibility of the configuration of the learning space design.

Regardless of aspirations.

Learning environments - Corporate Spaces, personal desk, work, learn

The design of adult learning environments is fundamental, the results having a direct impact on productivity in the professional environment.

Regardless of industry.

What is

educational design?

Good quality interior design for educational spaces and learning environments supports each type of activities with the optimal configuration, equipment and functionality, so that the users’ learning performance reaches maximum potential. An effective and efficient educational space in the 21st century will always be user-centered and will be continuously adapted to respond immediately to its needs.

Elements of good quality education design

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  • It was incredible how in a one day program our students could become aware of so many design aspects that make a huge difference in the quality of studying and working. Pavoni Studio offered extensive knowledge in an interactive format with a great presentation and valuable tips & tricks easy to implement.
    Looking forward to working together again!

    Sabyne Moras
    Sabyne Moras
    Head of Career Service, SDA Bocconi
  • Pavoni Studio provided us with smart and effective design solutions that everyone should keep in mind for an improved work environment and boosted general wellbeing. Fantastic professionals and nothing but great results!

    Ioana Botezatu
    Head of CSR, Société Générale Global Solution Centre India & Romania
  • The learning spaces created by Pavoni Studio facilitate and support the processes of exploration, creation and collaboration for participants to experience an emotional transformation, in addition to the accumulation of knowledge and skills training.

    Andreea Rotaru
    Senior Training & Learning Consultant
  • Our projects are not just about creating spaces, but also about the experience one has when using them: how they make us feel, think and learn. Our ambition is to engage all students in rigorous learning and inspire them to think deeply, creatively, and for themselves, through the environments we design.

    Miruna Pavoni
    Founder & Head of Design, Pavoni Studio.