Learning Spaces for Companies
Designing learning spaces for adults defines a key indicator in the level of engagement, the results having a direct impact on productivity in the professional environment.

Training & Coaching

Learning spaces designed specifically for adults are able to offer through their interior design, equipment and facilities, an optimal environment for communication, interactive learning, theoretical presentations, case studies and participatory projects.

Office Spaces

Spaces designed for training programs dedicated to office employees can acquire multiple values ​​through a flexible interior design and become easily adaptable to different usage scenarios. In addition, office space is optimised from a cost and function perspective, when is able to transform its configuration, adapting organically.


Co-working spaces are an exponent of adaptability for work and learning environments. It is fundamental to remember that smart design allows all changes to be functional, increasing performance and efficiency in the professional environment.

Work from home

The home office – or that corner where we go to learn, read or work – has become an indispensable space today. The posture of the chair, natural light, chromatics and acoustic aspects are the indicators of a healthy and safe environment, where the performance of our work can reach maximum efficiency.

Boost learning satisfaction by 75%

Employee benefits

  • Testing, evaluating and continuously developing the space.
  • Creating the learning environment based on user experience.

Coach & Trainer benefits

  • Developing productivity and the ability to innovate.
  • Improving the user experience as the learning philosophy is renewed.

Employer benefits

  • Budgeting becomes easier to manage due to predictable and controllable total costs.
  • Furniture & fixture procurement is an integral part of the project.
Learning spaces for companies
The most agile way to learn
Regardless of the industry.

Agile learning refers to a study process that alternates theoretical parts with practical parts. Tutors, in the case of education for adult in the corporate environment, have the role of facilitators or supporters of the learning process.

Professional training

The need for training and skill development among employees increases with the complexity and dynamics of the everyday working tasks. The frequency and intensity of training with which employees must educate themselves in order to keep up with everything new are not always optimal to achieve maximum performance. Employee efficiency increases exponentially when the environment in which they work and learn benefits from tailored educational interior design.

Service packages.

Design Capsule

  • Dedicated to those who need punctual help (from technical questions to color consulting, decoration, product selections, etc.).
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Standard Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a standard project of interior design or strategic planning of the space, which includes monitoring the implementation and execution.
  • The most popular package in our portfolio
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  • Dedicated to those who only need the project in digital format, without including the organisational, implementation and execution phases.
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Premium Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a complete project, including personal assistance for procurement and coordination down to the smallest details.
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