Yuno Clinic – Pediatric Centre

Pediatric clinic
ClientYuno Clinic
ProiectConcept, Execution, Project implementation
StatusCompleted 2022

Project description

Yuno Clinic – Pediatric Centre is a private medical space where the patient experience is the number one priority – from the moment one passes the threshold of the clinic and makes a first impression, to the following steps leading to consultations and treatment plans. Dedicated exclusively to children and at the same time friendly to the accompanying parents, the space benefits from an innovative and modern interior design suitable to the contemporary needs of patients and medical practices alike.

The goal of the interior design project was to make an impact on a psychological level, focusing on increasing patients’ well-being by reducing stress and anxiety – feelings often associated with medical spaces, especially among children.

Pediatric clinic

The positive perceptions are outlined around three main pillars.

  1. A great first impression

Rounded shapes and textured surfaces along with soft and friendly colours create an impactful first impression, suggesting a play area rather than a medical facility. The reception desk has an important role as it is the first point of contact for visitors entering the space – a central piece made of white, fluted composite, whose curved geometry extends a warm welcome.

  1. Transparency

Transparency inspires confidence, and this was an essential part when choosing the materials. On the one hand, the overall perception is augmented by the mirror cladding, creating the impression of an enlarged space, and on the other hand, structural elements have been left visible for two reasons – besides the status of contemporary design, they represent an allegory for the clarity of medical procedures. The semi-opaque structure of the doors offers privacy and at the same time assurance, letting in diffused natural light.

  1. Light

The perception of the space is enjoyable throughout the whole day thanks to the careful balance between natural and artificial lighting. The smart control of the lighting fixtures brings added value through the flexibility to adjust the light intensity depending on the time or the type of activity carried out, which maintains an optimal luminous input. Each exam room has plenty of natural light, which can be adjusted with the privacy window rolls, while the reception area enjoys it indirectly, thanks to the doors’ translucency.

The outcome of the interior design translated into a comfortable and relaxed space, stimulating children’s curiosity and keeping their attention engaged through organic shapes, a variety of textures and a warm and neutral colour palette, both in the reception area and the exam rooms.

Yuno’s ambition was to merge upscale interior design with cutting-edge technology, aiming to reflect the values ​​of their brand. In addition to aesthetic and functional considerations, interior design always represents a strategic tool in shaping spaces – whether it is about medical, educational or office interiors, interior design offers a competitive advantage in the growth of a business.