Learning Spaces for Academic Institutions
The learning performance and the outcomes are directly proportional to the flexibility of the configuration of the interior design of the learning space.


The requirements of the new generations in terms of education spaces? A learning environment designed according to innovative principles (Montessori, for example) to attract and support a modern, current school curriculum. An effective learning environment will provide the opportunity for choice, will be flexible and student-centered.

Higher Education

Freedom of choice, research, expression and exploration must be reflected primarily in the flexibility of study space configurations. Thus, innovative learning environments will support the development of students and help them to adapt more easily, representing a strong bridge to the professional environment.

Home Schooling

The home study in the format of “Home Schooling” has the opportunity to reinvent its status, benefiting from auxiliary factors – such as interior design – which through the innovative and adequate configuration of the space, can increase the level of concentration and learning performance.

Language Centres

Language centres that offer better educational facilities – such as interior design that supports learner-centered learning methods and international teaching techniques – will always be a step ahead of traditional institutions due to the outstanding results and high performance of their students.

Increase student engagement by 50%

The Advantages of Learning:

  • Continuous testing, evaluation and development of the space.
  • Creating a learning environment based on user experiences.

The Advantages of Teaching:

  • Developing productivity and the ability to innovate.
  • Improving the user experience as the learning philosophy is renewed.

The Advantages of Investing:

  • Budgeting becomes easier to manage due to predictable and controllable total costs.
  • Furniture procurement is part of the provided services.
Outstanding results

Regardless of aspirations.

The philosophy of conventional education dates back for more than a century, without undergoing major reforms, despite the radical changes that the society in which we live. Universality no longer responds effectively to our needs, feeling as much as possible the need for a holistic approach – which focuses on the individual needs of students, teachers or adults in the process of learning. Traditional teacher-centered and memorised learning methods will gradually lag behind, giving way to user-centered and activity-based learning approaches.

Pavoni Studio supports the holistic approach to the learning and teaching environments by providing versatile educational spaces that immediately adapt to the individual needs of its users.

Great ideas and aspirations learning, dreams, success

Service packages.

Design Capsule

  • Dedicated to those who need punctual help (from technical questions to color consulting, decoration, product selections, etc.).
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Standard Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a standard project of interior design or strategic planning of the space, which includes monitoring the implementation and execution.
  • The most popular package in our portfolio
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  • Dedicated to those who only need the project in digital format, without including the organisational, implementation and execution phases.
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Premium Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a complete project, including personal assistance for procurement and coordination down to the smallest details.
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