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Interior design

Whether you are planning a new project, looking to change location or thinking to renovate an existing space, Pavoni Studio is your ideal partner for interior design services. Our innovative design solutions optimize the use of space and help you find out of the box solutions that best showcase your brand’s values, in order to motivate, inspire and enhance the performance of children, pupils, students, teachers, employees or managers.

The interior design solutions focus on functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Each piece of furniture supports functionality and flexibility as an integral part of the project, while comfort and well-being are supported by light, colour, acoustics and ergonomics.

Strategic space planning

Regardless of the nature or typology of space, its strategic planning is the secret of a successful project. Resource optimisation, flexibility of use and its ability to adapt to the type of activities carried out are elements without which home, academic, office spaces or other learning environments will not be able to keep up with social and economic changes .

Strategic planning consists in understanding the current premises and anticipating future scenarios, optimising the cost, time and flow of activities.

Specialized consultancy

Although the evolution of interior spaces over time is difficult to predict, one thing is certain: user-centered learning environments will always have the ability to self-adapt to changing needs, as a continuously updated service. Thus, Schools, Universities and Offices will always meet the users’ needs, they will never cease to be comfortable, and the use will be carried out without exception in a pleasant and appropriate way.

Pavoni Studio is by your side through specialised consulting services to ensure that the environment in which you learn or carry out your daily work is always optimal – at home, at school, at the office or in your free time.

Ongoing consulting services for

365 days

The guarantee of our services is supported by ongoing consulting services offered to observe the use of your space for 365 days after the end of the project.

This is our way of showing us our commitment to your project and the loyalty of our professional relationship, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

The benefits
of interior design:

  • Creating a healthy learning environment
  • Communication of your brand values
  • Creating functional, properly furnished environments
  • Plans and visualisations (2D, 3D)
  • Suitable for small, medium and large spaces

The benefits
of strategic planning:

  • Optimising the use of existing furniture
  • Sketches to support decision making
  • Maximising the occupancy and distribution of space
  • Smooth process of purchasing furniture
  • Cost reduction

The benefits
of specialized consultancy:

  • Constantly updating with market trends
  • Investment optimisation
  • Space reconfiguration
  • Project coordination at all stages
  • 360-Service support with a single reference person

Reduce your project costs by 35%

Learning environments - Corporate Spaces, personal desk, work, learn, study, teach
Learning environments - Corporate Spaces, personal desk, work, learn, study, teach
Academic Institutions
Learning environments - Corporate Spaces, personal desk, work, learn