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We are an international team with experience in architecture, interior design, education and corporate training. We are passionate about personal development and the influence that educational environments design has on the users’ development – children, students, teachers and teams in the professional environment.

The goal of our designs is to create innovative, safe and healthy spaces that put the users in the centre, to support them in increasing their ability to concentrate, boost their learning performance. improve the quality of work, and achieve exceptional results.

We strongly believe that quality design emerges from understanding the smallest details of the users’ needs and skills. Through this process of understanding, our goal is to inspire the users, to foster their personal development and to support them in reaching their  maximum potential.

Miruna Pavoni

Founder & Lead Architect

Carlos Taboas

Education Strategy Partner

Dr Irina Lazăr

Senior Teaching & Learning Advisor

Andreea Rotaru

Senior Training & Learning Consultant