Strategy & Values

Our mission and vision aim to boost your learning performance.

Our values.


We are curious and innovative and thus we position ourselves in the first line that supports the creation of better learning environments, which increase user performance and always offer an exceptional experience.


Our activity is 100% for and about people, which makes the design of our spaces always user-centred. While we believe that the individual differences are the advantages of a successful design, humanity, respect and trust in one another are the essence of our culture.

Team spirit & Community.

Responsibility begins the moment we feel we are part of a community. Preschool, academic or corporate learning environments are excellent communities in which our design solutions support team work and collaborations. 

Increase learning satisfaction by 75%


Improved learning.

The most efficient learning environments are specifically designed for the comfort of its users. The learning performance is directly proportional to the space’s capacity to be as flexible, pleasant and interactive as possible. The academic institutions and companies that offer learning spaces with specialised design benefit from  better results, increased productivity, and are without a doubt more attractive and more competitive in the market.

Program directors and managers from successful institutions and organisations commonly use the potential of the learning space as a management tool, encouraging students and employees to reach their full potential.

Elements of good educational design
Learner centered design Users

learning environments.

Our design solutions for learning environments aim to define a new education paradigm for spaces dedicated to children, schools, universities or companies, by making them user-centered. Through the type of activities carried out, our design solutions allow users to outline their own space, generating a wide range of flexible spaces.

The benefits of a user-centered space include improved concentration and productivity, reduced sedentary lifestyles, increased collaboration initiatives between groups, teams or departments, and boosted overall satisfaction.

  • The design solutions we provide are not just about creating spaces, but also about the experience we have when exploring them: how they make us feel, think and learn. Since the learning process is limitless, our desire is to define a formative direction for education and high performance by rethinking learning environments.

    Miruna Pavoni
    Founder & Lead Architect, Pavoni Studio.
  • The learning spaces designed by Pavoni Studio facilitate and support the processes of exploration, creation and collaboration for participants to experience an emotional transformation, in addition to the accumulation of knowledge and skills training.

    Andreea Rotaru
    Senior Training & Learning Consultant