Learning Spaces for Children
The best learning often occurs during
unplanned hours at home or outdoors,
experimenting, exploring or playing.

Kindergartens & Nurseries

Kindergartens and nurseries are the first form of children’s community in which educational design solutions play a key role in supporting children’s harmonious development.

Children's rooms

Through exploration, play or study, the interior design of the children’s room plays an important role in the process of children’s formation, personality development and self-confidence.

Study at home

Studying at home has the opportunity to reinvent its status, being able to become an attractive, useful and educational activity through the innovative configuration of the design of the space in which it takes place.


The educational benefits of playground design include improving mental and physical health, developing social skills and creativity, and improving the cognitive process.

The 4 metaphors of good design.

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Awareness, intelligence and creativity – these are among the first characteristics that children manifest towards the world around them. Play has been approached by many theorists as the first form of learning. Without realising, we are all shaped by the experiences of the first years of our life. From a very young age, we absorb like a sponge any information that comes to us in an undifferentiated way. As adults, however, we can make a difference. Nature should always be a source of inspiration, a template and a model for healthy development and education.

Service packages.

Design Capsule

  • Dedicated to those who need punctual help (from technical questions to color consulting, decoration, product selections, etc.).
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Standard Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a standard project of interior design or strategic planning of the space, which includes monitoring the implementation and execution.
  • The most popular package in our portfolio
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  • Dedicated to those who only need the project in digital format, without including the organisational, implementation and execution phases.
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Premium Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a complete project, including personal assistance for procurement and coordination down to the smallest details.
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