classroom superpower
With summer days almost over, yet again we are welcoming another kick-off of a new academic year for schools across Romania. After previous exploratory online and hybrid scenarios, until further notice and with a general feeling of excitement, kids and teachers alike are back to the classrooms. Nevertheless, we keep hearing sayings as “the new normal” or “back to...
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classroom Chair size table size
Many studies prove there is a strong correlation between student engagement, attention span and interior design settings. According to Kaplan, “Children are more likely to pay attention and are more open to learning if they are comfortable during class”. The guidelines below can therefore be useful and easily adapted to a wide range of spaces,...
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Smart Classrooms Flexibility
As schools around the world start re-opening after the lockdown and after a different flavored summer break, great attention is falling on the educational environments and their suitability for the students’ current needs. However, operational scenarios are still wobbly across the country and beyond borders. Some schools are better prepared than others, yet without a...
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Mind the space at school
This week could have been the first week students got back to school after their Easter break, traffic could have been over saturated and the usual routine could have slowly led us again towards the summer season. Instead, even though Europe has slowly started to turn on its economic engines, we are still immersed into...
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