Premium Design

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Premium Design

This package is dedicated to those who need a complete project, accompanied by personal assistance for procurement and coordination down to the smallest details.

Services can be offered both for one or more areas and for full building spaces.

The guarantee of our services is supported by ongoing consulting and observing the use of the space for 365 days after the end of the project. This is our way of showing the commitment to your project and the loyalty of our professional relationship, ensuring that everything goes exactly as expected.


What materials will you receive by purchasing the “Premium Design” package:

  • Mood-board (board of images, colours and textures that simulate the atmosphere of the space to be designed)
  • Layout plan, ceiling plan and floor plan (technical drawing with related specifications)
  • Electrical plan for coordination with the construction part (technical drawing with related specifications)
  • 3D visualization of the designed space to offer a more realistic perspective on the final result
  • List of quantities for materials and finishes
  • Personal assistance for purchasing finishes, furniture, textiles, lighting fixtures, decoration
  • Initial meeting with the client and the builder to define the main directions of the project
  • 4 site visits during execution
  • Phone / e-mail availability with the client and the builder throughout the project
  • Photo session of the space at the end of the project

“Premium Design” is a stand-alone package, but can also be purchased with “Design Capsules” to complete additional punctual aspects. Its cost can only be estimated when we have all the information about the project.

If this package is not suitable for what you need, please have a look at “Design Capsule“, “Standard Design” or “e-Design“. Are you ready to get started? Do you have more questions? No problem, just get in touch with us and we will find the best solutions for you.

Service packages.

Design Capsule

  • Dedicated to those who need punctual help (from technical questions to color consulting, decoration, product selections, etc.).
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Standard Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a standard project of interior design or strategic planning of the space, which includes monitoring the implementation and execution.
  • The most popular package in our portfolio
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  • Dedicated to those who only need the project in digital format, without including the organisational, implementation and execution phases.
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Premium Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a complete project, including personal assistance for procurement and coordination down to the smallest details.
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