Mirunette Education Office

ClientMirunette Education
ProjectConcept, Coordination, Implementation
StatusCompleted 2014

About the project

Mirunette Education was looking for an office concept to communicate its culture and brand values, maximizing the 110sqm space through efficiency and flexibility, in a friendly, dynamic and motivational atmosphere. The office space designed is extremely flexible, often accommodating, in addition to daily operational activities, physical and online presentations, customized career counseling sessions, English language courses and exam sessions for admission to schools and high schools in abroad.

The graphics, chromatics and acoustics are key elements of the design, creating a bridge between Mirunette’s culture and academic excellency promoted to students and young adults.

The ceiling installation, specially designed by arch. Miruna Pavoni and custom made for this project, has a double role. On the one hand, it represents the point of focus and brand beacon for the office, catching the eye from the access area, and on the other hand, it confers an increased acoustic comfort, so that the activity in the open space area is efficient and productive. Subtle, captivating and welcoming, the graduation hats are testimony for academic excellency and a solid education.

The furniture layouts were inspired from student study areas in order to create a more familiar and comfortable atmosphere, while on a black and white background, the functional zoning stands out graphically and chromatically.

The lighting system embraces the entire spatial composition. During the day, the whole space is flooded with natural light, so important for a healthy work environment, while during the night the lighting installation is versatile and playful element, that creates a rhythm following the outline of the main space. In both situations the ceiling becomes a vibrant background on which plays of shadow and light induce the sensation of movement and fluttering of the graduation hats.