Learning Centre

ProjectConcept, Coordination, Implementation
StatusCompleted 2014

About the project

The Learning Centre project was born in Bucharest as a consequence of a new upgraded department within an international telecommunications company, converting an initial space for housing into an educational space. The concept of this design is communication, a mandatory tool for the survival of the current urban context. Thus, the project provides all the necessary means for both direct and virtual communication, in order to host training sessions, tech courses, personal development seminars, coaching sessions and academic examination.

The project includes a multitude of graphic elements meant to define an ideal space for study, work and personal development. Vivid colours and urban graphics mark a neutral background, while the space talks about the context in which it is: Bucharest – a city with gray facades at first sight, hiding a lively atmosphere, connected to technology and defined by a cultural mix.

Reflections, light and glossy textures combined with natural materials create a vibrant atmosphere and, along with graphic design, mark a parallel between past and future, between old and new. The atmosphere created increases productivity in a fresh and creative environment. Glossy surfaces encourage everyone’s expression as they can be easily written and erased. The play of shadows and lights increases the perception of the size of the space, which becomes a scenographic one, an idea also supported by lighting fixtures.

All installations, graphic design and decorative walls were custom made for this project by architect Miruna Pavoni and symbolise urban landscapes, noise, the need for communication and other elements that define the urban context.