Kids’ room for Twin brothers

Kids room design furniture
ProjectConcept, Coordination, Implementation

About the project

Children’s private universe is often found in the home environment, in their room. For the twins Adi and Vladi, their parents wished for a space where the play and the educational spirit entwine, for them to stimulate the boys’ curiosity by offering them a space that supports a healthy child development. We opted for a decorative wallpaper with a world map populated by different animal species to capture the children’s attention and cultivate their general culture from an early age.

Spatially, there are 2 main areas – sleep and rest on the one hand, and play-learning through play on the other hand, their design being guided by Montessori principles and abundant natural light. The furniture is sized according to the age of the children to feel at ease and interact comfortably with the environment of the room; the colours used are light and neutral (white, beige, mint green), while the materials used are natural (wood, rattan, linen, cotton); the areas of interest are made around the small table with bunny-ear chairs, the beds close to ground level and the suspended swing.

Through exploration, freedom of choice, games or study, the interior design of the children’s room plays an important role in the formation process, the development of their personality and self-confidence.

Kids room design furniture