Classroom design, School in Săcălaz
(Timiș, RO)

ClientProcter & Gamble
ProiectConcept, Design, Implementation
StatusCompleted 2023

Project description

In a world swirling with distractions, learning environments should come across as sanctuaries of positive engagement, a cornerstone for holistic development and well-being for children.

Our classroom design in Sacalaz, Timis has aimed to create an environment where children feel encouraged and excited to learn, fostering a sense of curiosity for learning while feeling supported and valued. Positive engagement is about making the learning process seamless through a joyful and meaningful experiences for every child.

Elements that ensure the classroom’s positive engagement:

  1. User-centric sanctuary

All children must feel at ease when entering the classroom, the place where the welcoming atmosphere builds up with by offering a wide array of inclusive and comfortable seating areas, both formal and informal. 

  1. Nature infused decor

The design has been defined around the idea of bringing nature indoors, not only by using natural colours and materials (wood, cork, terracotta, natural fibers, cotton, paper etc), but also by the flow of natural light and the direct views towards the outdoor space. The playful ceiling fluffy cloud decorations bring some extra fun while reflecting more light.  

  1. Inspiring design elements

The flexible seating configuration offers children a high degree of autonomy from a very young age, which contributes at building more skills while growing up. Another distinctive design element that makes the classroom stand apart is the wall cork cladding, which not only has decorative purposes, but it allows a wide area for displaying students’ projects, ideas and plans.    

The interior design of educational spaces has a great responsibility for its active contribution to the learning process.

This classroom project is intended for the zero class of the Sacalaz School, Timis and is part of the program “A classroom like home” developed by Procter & Gamble and dm in collaboration with Pavoni Studio. For yet another academic year we can see that the transformation of education is always possible if we are willing to take small steps.