Classroom Design, School in Ileana
(Calarasi, RO)

ClientProcter & Gamble
ProjectConcept, Design, Implementation
StatusCompleted 2023

Project description

Beyond a beautiful, modern and attractive image of a fully equipped classroom, our design implements a series of carefully studied details that pursue a positive impact both in the children’s relationship with the learning process and in their development and training as adults.

Reading area

It has been scientifically proven that reading has countless benefits for our development as adults. The reading area should be an integral part of any contemporary classroom. Its aim is to create an oasis for the exploration of ideas, where children learn to listen, express themselves, build their own opinions and values, debate and bring arguments. The classroom layout supports this process with comfortable furniture in an informal distribution, creating closeness between students through play.

The classroom as a place for collaboration and debate based on ideas

Children tend to be most resistant to imposed situations and being lectured – resulting in attention deficit and low performance. Consequently, the design of the classroom allows children to (almost) manage their learning space by themselves, giving them a sense of autonomy. The focus is shifted from the teacher to the students, to their needs, encouraging the development of each at their own pace. The flexible and easy-to-configure furniture based on the type of activity carried out (individual, team or group) offers countless scenarios of use.

Ergonomic furniture and sustainable materials

In the adult work environments (at the office) there is a lot of talk around well-being, a concept that without a doubt should be implemented in classrooms as well. Ergonomic furniture is essential for a harmonious and healthy development of children in the stage of physical and intellectual growth. A correct body position is constantly sought through the ratio between the age and the size of the chosen furniture. Both the chairs and the desks have different height steps, in close correlation with the year, age and implicitly the height of the students.

The interior design of educational spaces has a great responsibility for its active contribution to the learning process. With this in mind, the project “A classroom like home” avoided excessive decorations and contrasting colours just for the sake of a “cheerful” space. Instead, we have chosen to be the promoters of educational spaces that provide students with freedom of expression and growth.

This classroom project is intended for the zero class of the Ileana School, Călărași and is part of the program “A classroom like home” developed by Procter & Gamble in collaboration with our architecture office. For the sixth year in a row we can see that the transformation of education is also possible in Romania.