Dr Irina Lazăr

Dr Irina Lazăr

Senior Teaching & Learning Advisor


With almost 10 years of experience in higher education in the UK, Irina joined the Pavoni Studio team as a Senior Teaching & Learning Advisor, bringing her expertise in the design of study and learning spaces to ensure efficient environments for users’ development. Irina is currently a Senior Lecturer in Dynamics and Control at the University of Bristol (UK) and the Program Director for Mechanical Engineering at the same university, with extensive experience in developing access and inclusion programs in education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, unable to adapt to traditional teaching environments.

Irina has designed and taught courses in a variety of environments, from traditional amphitheaters and classrooms to computer rooms, specialty labs or even the outdoors. Over the last few years, Irina has published numerous scientific articles in specialized journals and presented her research, both in the field of engineering and education, at numerous international conferences.

Irina has always been interested in architecture and structures, but her passion for mathematics and practical applications has tipped the scale towards engineering. Thus, she graduated from the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​at the University of Constructions in Bucharest in English, specializing in Structural Engineering at the same university, and obtaining a PhD in Engineering from the University of Bristol (UK). At the same time, she attended education courses, becoming a Fellow of Higher Education Academy in the UK.