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Design Capsule

This package is dedicated to those who only need a little help to solve a specific problem, without any further obligations or subsequent commitments.

Whether it is advice for choosing a location or a piece of land, a design issue, chromatics consulting or support offered for furniture procurement, lighting fixtures or decorations, the “Design Capsule” package is exactly the capsule meant to offers immediate solutions.


Here are some examples of situations you can solve and information you can get by purchasing the “Design Capsule” package:

  • Specific information and expert advice prior to making the decision to purchase or rent a property or land
  • Specialised consultancy for optimising architectural or interior design plans
  • Creating the "shopping list" prior to starting a new project to help you avoid hidden costs
  • Mood-board creation (board of images, colours and textures that simulate the atmosphere of the space to be designed)
  • Assistance in choosing colours (painting, fabrics, wallpaper, furniture finishes, ceramics, etc.)
  • Assistance in purchasing furniture / decor / lighting fixtures, etc
  • Custom furniture design

“Capsule Design” is a stand-alone package, but can also be purchased with other services. Prices start at 90 Eur for a 1.5h concentrated block, during which time you will receive immediate solutions from our architects for any design or interior design problem.

If this package is not suitable for what you need, please have a look at “Standard Design“, “e-Design” or “Premium Design“. Are you ready to get started? Do you have more questions? No problem, just get in touch with us and we will find the best solutions for you.

Service packages.

Design Capsule

  • Dedicated to those who need punctual help (from technical questions to color consulting, decoration, product selections, etc.).
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Standard Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a standard project of interior design or strategic planning of the space, which includes monitoring the implementation and execution.
  • The most popular package in our portfolio
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  • Dedicated to those who only need the project in digital format, without including the organisational, implementation and execution phases.
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Premium Design

  • Dedicated to those who need a complete project, including personal assistance for procurement and coordination down to the smallest details.
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